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2021 Reading List <3

Hey hey!

I hope your 2021 was full of blessings, lessons, prosperity, and growth. I wish you much abundance as we enter into 2022.

I started diving deeper into reading around the beginning of the year to attract more knowledge into my life. After doing some deep cleaning, I collected my books back together and was honestly surprised at how much I read.

So here... I have listed all of my reads for 2021 below:

Jump- Steve Harvey

Blessed + Bossed Up - Tatum Temia

You are a Badass - Jen Sincero

Grit - Angela Duckworth

The Fashion Switch - Joanne Yulan Jong

Stumbling Into Personal Branding - Rebecca Tembo

The Alchemist - Paulo Coelho

Melanin Empath - Jade Asikiwe

Connecting With Your Ancestors - Monique Joiner Siedlak

The Power of Your Subconscious Mind - Joseph Murphey Ph. D

The Law of Attraction - Esther and Jerry Hicks

Sacred Woman - Queen Aufa

The Magic of Manifesting

Goddess Blackwoman

I hope you find some of interest and add to your personal reading list! Feel free to comment on which one you find interesting... let's talk about it! (:

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